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Our recruiters listen to your concerns and needs. Taking into consideration your work background and skills, we will make recommendations as to where your special talents may be best utilized and help you devise a strategy for obtaining your career goals.

When searching for the right job, you need the full services offered by Resource Group Staffing & Consulting. In addition to direct hire, consulting-to-hire and consulting opportunities, we can assist you with resume preparation and training options designed to keep your skills at their best. We are experts at finding the best jobs for top candidates.

Our broad client base includes Fortune 500 corporations, small to midsize companies, not-for-profit organizations and start-up entrepreneurial enterprises. From the creative sector, such as advertising agencies and marketing firms, to universities and research institutions, your skills and talents will be well utilized and are highly sought after by our clients.

Our indepth counseling and interviewing sessions enable us to become your partner in deciding which career path will take advantage of your qualifications. We assist in effectively marketing you and the special contributions you are capable of making to top employers, who give us confidential openings not generally advertised to the public.

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working conditions

Our promise

is to help you find challenging fulfilling work and pay fair equitable compensation. In addition, we believe that our engagement with you must include the following understandings:

  • We are an Equal Opportunity Employer
  • We strictly enforce non discriminatory practices
  • We will help you grow professionally
  • You will present a professional outlook
  • You will meet or exceed the client's workplace code of conduct
  • You will execute the requirements of the assignment

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